Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colin's Happenings

Colin has been a very busy boy lately! He has lots of checkups and initial visits as well as his normal therapy appointments and swim lessons. What's nice about my job is that most mornings I don't have to be in until 10am or later, so I am able to schedule a lot of things for the morning before work.

Colin's pediatrician has been monitoring some things and one of the things she noticed was that one of Colin's testicles hadn't fully descended (little boys have up until a year for this to happen). Off we went to get an ultrasound to find out where "it" was hiding. We had a male technician who was very professional, which is nice considering the body part, however, so many things were running through my head that I know if Chris was there, we could have made a joke or two. Considering the location of the testes, I had to hold Colin's legs up in the air 1/2 naked so the tech could appropriately get a good picture. Colin ripped one and all I could think was, please don't poop on the table (which he didn't thankfully!)!
We followed up with the urologist who reported that both testes were there, but one of them was 'retracting' which is quite normal. Fortunately, it was something that may resolve on its own and shouldn't need surgery. In a few cases the testicle will retract and act as though it never descended and for that we would need surgery. He also checked on Colin's circumcision (it mostly appears as though he wasn't circumcised (which he was) because there is a little excess of skin). He said at this time there is nothing we can do but wait (which I am fine with) and follow up when is about 18 months old. At that time, we may have to potentially assess the need for a circumcision revision.
We had a BAER test performed at the hospital's EEG lab which really just rules out worst case scenario with hearing loss. It essentially assesses the nerves that run from the ear to the brain to make sure that signals are traveling appropriately. I still haven't received the results from that yet but since my pediatrician or the radiologist did not get in touch with us I assume the results were normal (especially since we are confident Colin doesn't fall under the "worst case scenario" category with his hearing).
Even though we had the BAER test done, we still had to follow up with the audiologist which we had been avoiding because we were so discouraged. When I called, I spoke to the woman who had had unsucessful attempts with the testing and told her how I was feeling. I asked if she had smaller equipment for Colin's ear canals (like the pieces they used for the BAER test) and so she finally referred us across the street to the hospital. And guess what? THEY had the right pieces! His right ear passed with flying colors, however, unfortunately due to the teeth that still haven't popped through yet, he woke up with some congestion that caused his left ear to fail. So, we still need to go back and assess the left ear when the congestion is clear (which it is already).
Colin is working really hard in physical therapy right now. It can sometimes feel overwhelming because there is always so much to work on and as soon as he accomplishes one skill, you move right on to the next, or you find ways to get "out of" the position you worked so hard to achieve. We are still working on hands and knees (slow to come) as well as "short sitting". This involves using something like a couch cushion or under the bed box where Colin doesn't have a back support and his feet can touch the floor.
Even though the 1st attempt during therapy did not go well, Colin was able to successfully "short sit" for Chris and I that night and ever since. It's definitely hard work, but Colin is a trooper!

However, he DOES have his moments where he is NOT interested...

Once he is "short sitting", Chris and I have to work to entertain Colin so that he will stay in that position for a little bit. As time goes by, we will have him reach more for objects so that he has to reposition.We have modified hands a knees a little bit where Colin is on his knees, but propped up on the bed box or couch cushion so that he tries and 'props' more on his hands (very slow to come).

In developmental therapy, Colin is working on LOTS of things (speech, sounds, pointing, animals, books, imitation, etc.) and the sessions usually go wherever Colin leads them. Even though he knows his therapists, his true personality and comfort level with them has really started to change the past few weeks. He has become a real "ham" with cheesey smiles and all for Miss D and Miss K. They both eat it up (but who wouldn't?)!

Finally, Colin still really enjoys his swim lessons! When we get to the pool and are in the bubble, Colin definitely knows where he is and gets excited!

He LOVES splashing the water (mostly with his feet)...don't mind Chris' and my faces in the next 2 pictures but they are the way they are because of Colin's splashing.
We work on "holding on" to the side of the pool...

Kicking while on his back (even though he likes to bring his legs up to hold them) and jumping into the water (where he goes under and then swims)...

We also sing lots of songs and play with noodles! Who doesn't love a good noodle ride? (Currently, Chris and Colin are "locked" in London Bridge)

At the end of his lesson, Colin is always tired and ready for a nap!


Nana said...

What a big boy!! Colin you are doing such fantastic things!!! You look soooo cute!! I love you!! Love, Nana

Jorie said...

That first picture of him short sitting he looks like such a big boy! We are sooo proud of Colin and can't wait to see more of him sitting and playing! Much love :)

Adrienne said...

Oh my, Bennett and Colin really have too much in common! B has the whole testicle thing too! The ped saw it (or lack there of) at his 9 month check up yesterday but wants to see if anything will happen at his year appt. before we get an ultrasound. Good grief!

Colin is doing great with that sitting on the box thing, I'll have to try that!

Beth said...

Wow!! Colin looks awesome in those pictures!! So Proud of all of you!!!

Lori said...

You weren't kidding when you said that Colin has been a busy boy lately!
First, I love the new pic at the top of your blog =) So handsome!
Hope the next hearing test goes well, and my visualization of the ultrasound were all too funny =)
It sounds like Colin is doing so well! Look at him sit like such a big boy!
Keep up the good work, Colin!

Kelly said...

Hooray for Colin and all the wonderful things that you can do!! Love the pics....and all that cuteness:) BTW, thanks for the info on the swim(band), I already placed my order!!

Heidi said...

Wow - Colin is doing so well! I remember the feeling of there being so much to work on with Joel. The physiotherapy was the most difficult for him. Take heart because it does get better! Although we still have some exercises to do with Joel I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did during his first 2 years.

Natalia said...

These pictures are sooo cute! Especially the ones of him sitting...he looks so adorable! And I'm so proud of him for all of the strides he has been making!

I love you, Colin!! xoxo

jjpsmommy07 said...

He is so cute! Great job on short sitting Colin...I remember those days. Swimming is great, I have taken Jonathon to the local y a couple of times , but I want to join this year so he can go all the time. He LOVES the water. Where do you guys take Colin?