Friday, February 26, 2010

National Down Syndrome Congress - We're More Alike

Awhile back, Monica at Monkey Musings wrote a post about the National Down Syndrome Congress' We're More Alike than Different poster campaign. The poster campaign allowed us to create a poster spotlighting our children in a way that we felt depicted them best. Colin's poster was titled "Who Likes to Smile More, You or Me?"

Well, the National Down Syndrome Congress has listed these posters that were created in their gallery and is starting a vote! If you visit the page, you have the opportunity to vote on your 3 favorite posters and those selected will be made part of the We're More Alike campaign by mid-summer!

To vote:

1. Go to the National Down Syndrome Congress' More Alike Poster campaign headquarters and click the link to view the gallery.

2. Colin is #75!!

3. Once you have selected your 3 favorite (colin is #75!), go back to the headquarters home page and under Pick a poster click the link for cast your vote here.

4. Some of Colin's blog friends are there too! Lila is #42 from Lila's Miracle Life and John Michael #66 from Monkey Musings!

Did I miss any?!

You have until April 1, 2010!!


Monica Crumley said...

Great minds think alike. I hadn't even seen this until I finished my shameless plug for John Michael. But I recognized some his buddies as well and gave a shout out to them as well. Colin's a DOLL!

randy said...

Colin sure DOES have a winning smile....He has won lots of Monmouth (and the very wide surrounding area) hearts for sure!
XXOO-Love, Randy

randy said...

Hi - Colin most definately has a WINNING smile as far as all his devoted fans are concerned!

He certainly has our vote...from everyone of our email addresses:)!
Love, Randy

Heidi said...

What a great poster! I love that picture of Colin - beautiful smile! I voted for him!