Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Weekend

It's about time! I have started this post several times, but other things have kept me from finishing...
We had a kind of long, extended weekend last week between the snow and the holiday on Monday. Because Colin hasn't been taking very good naps lately, during the snow days we decided to start changing them around a little bit. We tried keeping Colin up all morning, eating lunch and then going down for a nap after lunch. However, this is what ended up happening:
Colin would fall asleep DURING lunch. We are still trying to avoid the morning naps, unless Colin falls asleep in the car on the way to school. It still hasn't made the afternoon naps any longer though. I honestly think Colin doesn't want to miss anything.
He had his Valentine's Day party on Friday at school and he brought ice cream cups for everyone! He had filled out his Clifford Valentines for all of his friends and was so excited to hand them out! Unfortunately, Colin actually slept through his party. Here he is getting ready for his party...

Can't you tell how excited he was? I think he was just excited to see his girlfriend Allison.

On Saturday, we went up and visited with Colin's cousin Penelope. Penelope's daddy is my 1st cousin and Penelope's mommy and I planned a day of relaxing and chatting. We all had so much fun!

Colin and Penelope got along so well with each other sharing toys and getting to know each other better.

Colin really enjoyed touching Brian's beard and Penelope was so nice to share her Daddy with Colin.Samantha gave Colin lots of great Mommy snuggles just like she gives Penelope. We were so lucky to have such a fun, relaxing day!That's where I learned how much Colin loved this toy!On Sunday, we got to see Rob and Corinne! We haven't seen them since the SUMMER! (GASP!)

We met up at Surf Taco where we had a yummy lunch!

Then we had some yummy ice cream!!

* I'm not so sure that colin enjoyed the ice cream *

There were LOTS of smiles to go around!

When we got home, Colin helped Daddy get his work done. Colin read the info while Daddy typed.

But then Daddy needed a little bit more help putting the information for the game programs into the computer.On Monday, Nana and Grandad stopped by after driving 8.5 hours from visiting Uncle Timmy in North Carolina! They came all the way to see Colin and then still had to drive another hour and a half to get home! They needed their hugs and kisses!
After they left, it was a little bit more playing with his new toy......and then put a fork in him, for he was done!


Nana said...

The drive was worth every second!! It's always fun to be with our kids and of course our newest addition Colin!! Love, Nana

Heidi said...

Love the last picture - he looks so peaceful! My sister just got that same toy for her little boy and he loves it too - must be a great toy!!

Adrienne said...

He's so darn cute. Love that last picture too-lol, made me smile.

Monica Crumley said...

Oh my gosh, those are adorable photos. What a fun post -- that last picture speaks volumes for all the fun he's been having! I love the ice cream shot... yeah, he doesn't like it much, does he? Looking at photos of Colin w/ his family and friends... it's clear how much joy this one little soul brings to so many. I'll bet it warms your heart! THanks for sharing and for your sweet comment on my post, too.

Runningmama said...

Glad I found your blog, my Emily was born just a few weeks after Colin and just like you we didn't know she would be born with a little extra surprise for us. Love the pictures - he is adorable!

Team Carter Jay said...

He's such a cutie pie! I got that toy for our little guy, but he's not quite ready for it.