Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quality Time

I was so lucky for the 2nd weekend in a row to have off on Saturday! Chris, Colin, and I all slept in on Saturday morning until 8am! It felt like noon after getting up at 5:20 am all week for me, and 6-6:30 am for the boys.

Unfortunately, Chris had to work both days, but we were able to spend some quality time together when he wasn't working and Colin and I went to visit him at work. Chris' work consisted of a women's soccer game and Colin loved the girls. He had quite a few girls come over to say hi to him and he sure was all smiles for them! It was funny because Colin's friend Simon came over to say hi to him and he wasn't quite smiling for him (he was also a little groggy). However, it was very funny because a few moments later a few girls came over and he was all smiles for them. (Nothing personal Simon, I think he was just excited to see the girls!)

Colin also spent some time with his Nana and Grandad while I did some cleaning and grocery shopping.

Here are a few pictures of Colin from the weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some at the game!
Here is Colin in the bumbo seat playing with some of his toys:

You can see Colin is really inspecting the ring!

Colin really enjoyed making raspberries this weekend and kissy faces. It's funny because he associates raspberries with kissy faces so when he tries to kiss you he does both at the same time!
One of the ways we can get Colin to giggle is to tickle him! Here we are having a great time!

One of Colin's classic favorite toys is the snow leopard from his Noah's ark toy. He is always happy to play with it!


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Love the raspberry face :)!!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so cute... but the bib/shirt.


Love you Colin! Make up your own mind on who the better team is!!!!!