Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look at What I Can Do!

Colin has been progressing so well the past few weeks! We are so happy because we know it means Colin is doing well at home and at school.

Here are a few of the things that Colin is now doing:

  • Extending his arms on his tummy: We are beginning to notice that when Colin is on his tummy, he is starting to move his arms from the triangle support underneath him to straight-armed out in front of him. We have been very excited about this because we know this is the next progression but we have only touched upon it with Miss K in physical therapy. Here is a picture that give you the idea, but it's not quite accurate because he is leaning on a pillow here. He does this without the pillow on his tummy.

  • Holding blocks and making sound: Colin is starting to understand the more we practice it that when he holds the blocks and bangs them together, they make noise. He loves making noises with the blocks and it's so cute to watch. Colin is able to look at them while he is holding them and is also starting to explore them with his mouth! Here is Colin playing with the blocks with Aunt Kimmy:

  • Responds to his name! This is something that has been progressing slowly for awhile now, but Colin definitely knows his name.


Monica Crumley said...

What darling photos! Colin is such a cutie!

Natalia said...

LOVE this latest update! And that top picture is ESPECIALLY adorable!!

xoxo to Colin!!