Thursday, September 17, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

Colin had physical therapy yesterday with Miss K and it was a pretty good session (according to his daddy). Colin was a little bit cranky and not all that into doing some of the things that we know he can do. I had written out a big note/list for Miss K since I wasn't going to be there and told her all of the new things Colin is doing since he last saw her (reach for objects on his tummy, extending his arms on tummy) the things is he is still doing well (rolling [when he wants to], reaching for objects with both arms, sitting in the bumbo seat, tummy time, etc.), and some questions about the next phase of development.

One of the questions I asked her was in regards to sitting. I know that he still has a little ways to go before he will be able to do that, but I also know that it's the next phase of development so I was curious about it. Colin is able to sit while supported by our hands and holds his head up so well now. She told us that it's still early because he doesn't have enough trunk musculature, but gave some exercises we could do to work on this. One of the exercises is to sit Colin in the edge of the couch, with our hands just above his waste, and rock him back and forth, side to side, diagonally, etc. She recommended an exercise ball for this exercise.

She also gave us exercises in regards to crawling. Since he is starting to extend his arms when on his tummy, he is getting into the precursors to crawling. Therefore, one of the exercises is to help Colin move the opposite leg to the arm he is extending when on his tummy as in combat crawling.

As always, Miss K is very thorough in her evaluation sheet and gives plenty of things for us to work on. She had mentioned at the last session that she wanted to try to get Colin moved to once a week to make sure that he stays on track. This week she said that we will have to wait until after Colin's 6 month appointment with our case manager. I was a little bit disappointed that we would have to wait since I've had it in my head now. The more the better right?

Colin's teachers at school have been great and have been doing a lot of Colin's exercises with him. Obviously they can't do every single one, but they work on what they can and make sure they are at least doing the basics (tummy time, supported sitting, etc.). He seems to really like it there so I know we made a good decision. We have back to school night on Tuesday! I am looking forward to it since I'm sure it's the first of MANY!

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Natalia said...

I'm sooo proud of Colin, as always! And I'm proud of YOU AND CHRIS too for being such amazing parents! Every time I see Colin, he seems to have made leaps and bounds in his physical development, and there's no doubt in my mind that his progress is a result of the devotion and love of his parents. I really believe that the way you work with him and encourage him is a major contributor to his addition to the fact that he is the son of two very hard-working, determined individuals! Obviously, he is exactly the same! :)
Enjoy your Back to School Night! (I can't wait to hear about it!)

Love you guys!!!