Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Times

I have had some long days with student teaching, work, and back to school nights so I haven't had much time to update. I feel terrible that my last post is so negative and has been left up there for a few days.

So...I'm over it and moving on....I know that Colin is doing great and we are going to continue doing all of the things we are doing with him to keep him progressing in the right direction.

I have lots to update!

Colin had his 5 month check-up yesterday! Unfortunately, his regular pediatrician is still on vacation, so we have had a couple of fill-ins. Colin weighs 13 lbs. 10 ounces now! I think his length was measured wrong because it came in an inch shorter than last month! (I'm giggling at the error) Everything is going well and he is healthy and happy! He had a few painful experiences during the visit (one of which I won't get into) including a vaccine.

One of the things Colin loves (just like his mommy thanks to her daddy) is having his hair brushed and head rubbed. Here is Colin after his bath getting his hair brushed. It's so funny to watch because he is often moving around, talking, etc. after his bath and as soon as you start brushing his hair, he stays still and just enjoys the moment.

The next picture is Ole Miss' newest fan! While Chris was down there last year for the NCAA baseball tournament, he befriended some Ole Miss faithfuls who so kindly sent our family Ole Miss gear. Here is Colin before the Ole Miss football game tonight...

Aunt Kimmy picked Colin up from school today and they spent the afternoon together. They worked really hard this afternoon on Colin's exercises and from what I hear, he did really well! Lucky for me, Aunt Kimmy and Colin are coming to visit me at work tomorrow! I can't wait :)


JoLynn said...

The Ole Miss gear has got to go. I think I can remedy that situation with some UGA gear! :) hehehe

Natalia said...

These pictures are SO CUTE!! Love you, Colin! MUAH!!