Thursday, July 9, 2009

Physical Therapy

Colin had a great visit with his physical therapist yesterday! While he still needs to continue on his neck strength, she noticed a big improvement from 2 weeks ago. A couple of things that she reassed were his ability to hold his head up when on his tummy (she timed it!), how well he could support his head when going from a reclined position to a sitting position, and how well he responded to different objects.

She felt that he has made some good improvements, however, she would like him to continue to really focus on tummy time. She would also like us to start a new activity by having Colin in a seated position supporting his chest and back so that he has to support his own head. Colin was awake and alert and did everything that was asked of him! He is such a good boy!

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Lauran Platt said...

I am SO happy for Colin! Colin's mommy and daddy are working hard so Colin can get stronger-keep up the good work-all three of you!