Thursday, July 23, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

Colin had his 3rd physical therapy session yesterday and did a great job for his therapist! His Gammy and Grandpa came to watch to see how well he is doing! The therapist was so happy to see the improvements with his head and neck control that he has made in the 2 weeks since she had seen him last.

To test it out, she put him on his tummy to see how well and how long he was holding his head up and she was happy to see that he could sustain a raised head for much longer. Then, I showed her how we have been using the boppy pillow to assist with it as well because at times he seems to tolerate it more and she was ok with what we have been doing. He seems to like this way a lot sometimes:

She was also pleasantly surprised (which I have to say is something that I had not noticed as much, but his daddy noticed) with how much more Colin is keeping his hands open now instead of in a fist position. The fist position is more of a reflex that all newborns have, but eventually, they start to leave their hands open more as they learn to reach and grasp for objects (which Colin is doing a lot now).
She also practiced having Colin sit up from a reclined position and he is able to hold his up so well now! She could see the progress he has made (we've been practicing it a lot!) and was very happy with it.
Finally, she added some new activities (lifting him in a sidelying position and start bringing his feet to his hands so he can grasp them) and encouraged us to stick with some old ones for awhile.
We are so proud of Colin that he continues to work hard!