Friday, July 3, 2009


One of the biggest things you will learn as a parent is that all children develop at different rates and accomplish skills in a different time frame then their peers. One of the biggest things I have learned about children with Down Syndrome is that they will accomplish all of the different areas of development, it just may be slower than their peers.

Because of this, there are several things that are stressed at this point in Colin's development. One of the main areas that Chris and I are supposed to focus on is "tummy time" so that Colin strengthens his neck and back muscles. Children with Down Syndrome often have low muscle tone, which is why we have a physical therapist. As I mentioned in a previous entry, Colin's PT is excellent and she works really well with Colin. Unfortunately, after each session, we are given different tasks to work on in the 2 weeks between sessions. One thing that I have found really hard to deal with is the stress level associated with what we should be accomplishing in a day with Colin.

I feel that stress is one of the negative things associated with Colin's diagnosis. It's not so much the diagnosis itself, but rather, the things we should be accomplishing to make sure he is developing on "pace". He's picky about tummy time, however, he has done really well the past few days in lifting his head when he is on his tummy.

I'm reminded over and over again that he will accomplish these developmental just might take him a little bit longer than others. However, as I have learned from one of the books I just read, these little milestones will mean so much to all of us because he will work really hard to accomplish them.

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betty williams said...

will read all the books going to the libray now just love our little Colin. with all the people who love him he will be the greatest kid with ds. Love the pictures can't get enough.