Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Baby!

In moments like these, my heart swells and I can't believe how much I love Colin. Yesterday I posted about how there are some frustrating moments associated with activities that Colin needs to be performing on a regular basis. However, days like today trump those insecurities. Colin had a GREAT day working on tummy time (he tolerated it many times throughout the day and was lifting his head so well!), playing with his toys (he loves his zebra and his newest toys that he is enjoying are the Winnie the Pooh Beanies), grabbing and reaching for toys, tracking objects, responding to voices, and just being a happy baby. Here are 2 videos from our play session this evening and I couldn't get over how happy Colin was...see for yourself!

In this second video, you can see how Colin is smiling for his mommy and then as soon as his daddy comes over, he resonds to his voice and face.

On a funny note, Colin's pediatrician recommended that we raise the mattress in his crib by placing a pillow underneath it. This suggestion was to help combat any reflux that may occur at night. Colin starts the night out in his crib on the "inclined" portion of the mattress like this:

Part way through the night, I fixed his position because he started to do this:

And finally, in the morning, he was like this:

Even when he's sleeping, he never stops moving!!

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great grammy said...

oh he is so beautiful and so loving. CAN'T wait to hold him on my birthday. Can't beleive he got so big.