Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Story

Finding out your child has Down Syndrome certainly wasn't easy, but over time, we are starting to learn that despite the diagnosis, anything is possible. Colin is proving to us what a strong little boy he is and is already going above and beyond in rolling over, lifting his head, and just generally being so strong. He is starting to grasp at toys and understand that he is holding them and is now starting to explore the toys by attempting to put them in his mouth. He is also starting to really focus on the toys and trying to pick them up after seeing them. We are so proud as he starts to accomplish these tasks and I can just feel my heart swell with pride when I see him start to accomplish a new skill.

...this diagnosis may not have been something we asked for, but we are starting to see a whole world of possiblities for Colin.

I was reminded of this even more when I was on the National Down Syndrome Society website today. They have started a campaign called "My Great Story". They are highlighting stories about people living with Down Syndrome and all the things they have accomplished and continue to accomplish in their lives.

Sara Wolff has taught me that Down Syndrome isn't going to be something that holds you back. She attributes where she is at to parents who always encouraged and motivated her, and were always there to support her along the way. A quote from her story reads: "I don’t think of myself as having “DOWN” syndrome but “UP” syndrome because I am an upbeat and positive person. I have been raised with the motto “Never” say “Never” and the words “I can’t” don’t exist."

I know that with the love and support Chris and I will provide Colin...he will accomplish anything he puts his mind to. We already see that every day with the many things he has accomplished already.

As Sara also said, "I encourage all individuals with Down syndrome to share their story. We all have “A Great Story” to tell because we are all unique individuals who should be proud of who we are."

We are so proud of Colin because of the unique and special little boy that he is...

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