Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Colin!!

Colin is 2 months old today! Happy Birthday Colin!

It's amazing to me how fast 2 months go by (it's true when everyone says that time flies by with kids!) and while I was holding my beautiful little boy tonight (while he was smiling at me!) I was thinking about how much has happened in 2 months time.

I went into labor, I delivered Colin, we found out he was being tested for Down Syndrome, we went home with a newborn, we found out he had Down Syndrome, we started early intervention and the infant toddler assessment program, we had numerous doctors appointments, we all went to a wedding, visited with many friends and family, watched some major accomplishments (lifting his head, rolling over, smiling, sleeping through the night, etc.), and fell in love with a beautiful little boy.

We've had our down moments, but we've had so many more happy and proud moments...

Happy 2 month birthday Colin, we love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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