Monday, January 27, 2014


Things around here have been quite busy that every time I blink, it feels like another week has gone by.  I have had some moments where I have looked at our present challenges and successes and then have been able to glimpse back and see how far we have come.  I see little snippets here and there of progress and I always like the way it looks.  
We've had a very snowy winter so far, but unfortunately, the snow is coming on extremely cold days that even the kids don't want to play in (particularly Colin).  On our last snow day, I was trying to find some activities to keep them busy so we weren't watching TV all day and was pleasantly surprised to see that Colin was interested in arts and crafts again.  For the longest time, anything that required the use of his fingers or any sort of fine motor skill was something that he avoided, but lately, he has been doing really well with holding writing utensils.  The task of painting actually lasted a pretty long amount of time!

While I am still not where I want to be with both of them and the potty, we ARE seeing progress and I just have to take it as it comes.  To be honest, Kailey is the more frustrating one of the two because her want and need to use the potty comes and goes.  It seems as though she is better when we are not at home and is willing to tell me when we have to desperately find a potty somewhere (usually somewhere inconvenient).  Rewards aren't working that well with her but I think that if I just pick a weekend and become more strict with her, I may see some progress.  I just wish she would tell me more often!  Colin is doing really well for me  in that he is staying dry most of the day if he is with me.  He will tell me sporadically, which is better than the times he was never telling me before.  He still won't tell anyone at school, or anyone else for that matter, but the length of time he is staying dry for at school and at night is improving as well.    

Colin's communication is still coming along nicely, but he still needs lots of improvements when it comes to communicating something he wants or doesn't want when it comes to playing with friends.  Every once in awhile, we will get a note saying that he used his hands to communicate (taking away a toy, pushing, etc.) but overall, I think the behavior is better.  I know and understand why he is doing it (not that it makes it any better) but it at least makes me feel better to know that this should improve as his communication improves and as we continue to teach him that it's not ok to use his hands.  

Kailey is still drama as always, but is still incredibly sweet and loving in all of the other moments.  She cracks us up with her emerging personality and I'm starting to think she's turning out to be  a lot like daddy.  We just had a photo shoot recently at a Pretty Pixel for Valentine's day and I can't wait to share those pictures.  The kids were so good! 


Becca said...

I'm glad the photo shoot went well! Just love that photo above. :-) This weather has been horrible - love the snow, hate the cold. Sammi certainly watched a fair amount of TV this week, too, while we've been cooped up. Ugh. Btw, Samantha will hold her water FOREVER - I prompt her to use the bathroom all the time, still. Just so she won't hold it until the last second, not because I think she'll have an accident. You may find prompting useful for longer-term goals, too, rather than waiting for them to tell you they have to go. Or am I enabling her...? Ugh, who knows?

Jenny said...

Such a great picture! Kailey's personality has always cracked me up, she's so full of spunk and sass :)