Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Pretty Pixel

A couple of years ago, Chris and I stumbled across an awesome opportunity through this charity to choose a photographer from a list in our area to have a photo shoot done for Colin.  Through that, we found Terry at A Pretty Pixel and set up a time to meet her in a local park near her studio.  She spent a significant amount of time with us and we were in awe of the beautiful pictures she got of Colin, Kailey, and our family. 

She was extremely generous in that she donated her time, and most certainly her talents, to us that day.  Just the other day, we had the opportunity to go to her studio to take part in a mini photo shoot for Valentine's Day and were once again extremely happy with the photos that she got of the kids.  The hard part is going to be having to pick some out of all of the ones she got!
Colin was awesome in that he followed directions perfectly and totally knew exactly what he was doing in front of the camera. 

Kailey was a bit more stubborn at times, but totally bribable!  

Thanks, Terry...your pictures are awesome!


Jenny said...

Oh how cute, I love these pictures!!!

Donna said...

Wonderful shots, both photogenic!

EN said...

Beautiful photos! Love the one of Kailey in the grass - those blue eyes - wow!