Saturday, January 11, 2014

Floor Hockey and Kindergarten

The Special Olympics of NJ had their annual floor hockey tournament today in which they had different teams from around the area competing.  For the first time, they had a young athlete program "tournament" in which kids aged 2-7 could compete as well.  We had a tough time getting Colin to warm up today to participate, but eventually I could get him participating in a few things. 
Unfortunately, I just think we are in a phase with Colin right now with his "stubbornness".  I have noticed that in certain situations, he does need some time to warm up before he is ready to transition into something we would like him to do.  We found out yesterday that because he was getting pulled out of class during music, he was very resistant to going to speech therapy in the morning.  I think we just need to give him time to warm up and transition into something before he will be completely ready sometimes.  

We are continuing to work through some of his behaviors that he has been expressing lately, mostly with the hitting and pushing.  While I know what the root cause usually is, it is still challenging getting other kids and/or adults to understand as well (not that it makes those behaviors ok).  We got a note home from one of the daycare teachers that the afternoon bus driver mentioned he has been pushing on the bus and resistant to the driver and aid when they are asking him to do something.  Unfortunately, I don't know what the situation on the bus is so I am going to have to get in touch and find out what's been going on.  It's overwhelming at times because I know my child and I know when to recognize certain behaviors and methods to help work through them, but other people don't always know that.  I wish I could just swoop in and fix things, but obviously that's not possible.  

After sending our letters in this week to the superintendent and supervisor of special education regarding the segregation of the Kindergarten students, we got a call from one of the case managers who left a message and asked me to call her back.  When I called her back, she said she had a message from someone that I wanted to voice a complaint.  I explained that my letters had been submitted, but no one that was actually addressed in the letters initially called me back.  At 4pm yesterday while I was in picking the kids up, the supervisor called me but asked me to call her back on Monday so that we can "discuss issues in the letter".  We'll have to see what kind of answers I get about the fact the special education students are in a separate building from their typical peers.  



Old NJ Devil Bruce Driver was at the event today!

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