Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 for 21: Potty Diaries {The Update} (24)

Back in August, I decided to take on the big task of trying to potty train both of my toddlers at the same time.  We have been working on potty training Colin since he turned 3, but it has been a long road because for that whole first year, I believe that he wasn't ready.  I think it was important for us to talk about it, introduce him, and continue to try for that length of time, however, he demonstrated it wasn't the time nor was he able to communicate his needs for this.  

To be quite blunt, it has been THE hardest thing I have attempted as a parent.  I blogged about my potty training boot camp back in August in detail so I'm just going to give an overview of our time so far.  I think it was the best decision for the time period, and I have learned a lot, but it has been a really difficult time working with both kids.  

By the end of August, I had both kids in underwear most of the time and Kailey was doing better than Colin. She would initiate use on the potty, tell us when she had to go, and even though she had a fear of pooping on the potty, she would at least tell us when she went.  Colin wasn't communicating 100% of the time but he was doing pretty well.  We reminded both of them all day long and that helped with the communication.  

Two months later, Kailey has completely backtracked.  She was having so many accidents at school, they asked us if we would be ok with putting her back in a pullup 100% of the time because they were losing so much time changing her so often.  They were taking her regularly, talking about it, and then she'd go just sitting there at circle time.  Even when we don't force her, she doesn't want to use the potty and screams and cried if we even mention it.  Although it goes against what I previously thought, I have decided not to push and just keep talking about it or putting her on when she is willing.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the fact she may be getting teeth (and therefore is having some issues with pooping) or if it's just a complete behavioral thing.  Regardless, I am so frustrated and not sure what to do with her.  

Colin is a pretty scheduled bathroom user now.  There are days he stays dry all day long and other days where he has an occasional accident.  His potty book shows that he is starting to communicate it one in awhile and does pretty well.  Most of his accidents are poop related.  He has the words, he knows where it's supposed to go, and he is even peeing standing up but I think some of the connections are not quite there yet for him to be 100% successful.  Looking back now, he has made a lot of progress but we still have a ways to go.   

I know that one day we will look back and both kids will be trained and dry in underwear but it's really hard waiting to get there!  

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Runningmama said...

I feel your pain and have been there because Emily and Chase are about the same ages as Colin and Kaley. Emily was a little easier than Chase to be honest. Emily is potty trained with the occasional accident but Chase refuses to wear a diaper but will not go poop in the potty so you can imagine how that is going ;-) Hang in there, you are doing a great job and just when you think it will never happen it will all come together.