Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 for 21: Cheerleader (12)

Because things have always been more challenging for Colin, we have always cheered him on for every skill he has accomplished.  Things that may be otherwise insignificant for others, is often worthy of a lot of cheering and praise for Colin.  Naturally, we resumed this practice with Kailey.  Life is much more fun anyway when EVERYTHING is deserving of praise and cheers.  

Kailey has become one of Colin's biggest cheerleaders.  We often catch comments like "good job Colin" or "you did it Colin!" and tonight it was "great picture Colin!".  On top of that, they have both become extra affectionate to go along with these comments.  They are often giving each other hugs and high fives for accomplishing or doing different tasks.  

I look forward to seeing how this affectionate relationship evolves through bigger life events! I know they will always be each other's biggest supporters!

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