Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 for 21: Feeding Therapy Progress! (29)

I am so proud to report that Colin made super progress today at feeding therapy!  We have been seeing lots of little progress with Colin along the way but today was REALLY big!  We have slowly been adding different types of pasta noodles with red sauce in to some of Colin's meals in replace of the cottage cheese. While it took some transition time to get him to eat the noodles at school, he is finally eating them when he has it and occasionally we will also give it to him for dinner as well.  Pizza is still a meal he will eat when we have it so we've been able to rotate a few different things here and there.

Today at feeding therapy with miss Josie Colin ate CHICKEN pieces (Perdue short cuts chicken breast), FRUIT SNACKS, and cheese!!  Not only did he eat these food items, he ate ALL that I had sent in (5-6 pieces of chicken, a PACKAGE of fruit snacks, AND a whole string cheese!! Woo hoo!  We love Miss Josie and we love Colin even more.  We are so proud!  Colin has come SO FAR!


Michelle said...

Oh wow! WTG Colin!

Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!!! Woo hoo Colin

Sue ( Cody's mom)