Monday, October 14, 2013

31 for 21: Feeding Therapy (14)

One of the challenges we have faced with Colin from the very beginning has been feeding issues.  As a newborn, he had a difficult time drinking from a bottle because of the low muscle tone in his mouth.  We spent a lot of time counting every last cc of formula that he was drinking.  Surprisingly, he had a very quick and easy transition to cereal and purees but the real trouble came when we started to introduce table food and in trying baby food with soft solids in them (stage 3s).  Since then, we have been on a journey that has been a roller coaster ride.  There were times early on that we could get him to eat pastina with pureed vegetables in it and pancakes but those disappeared for a long time.  The most lasting food item that we have been able to get him to eat has been cottage cheese with berries in it for, wait for it, breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.  For WELL over a year, Colin's main source of nourishment has been cottage cheese for all three meals with sides of yogurt (specifically yokids), pudding and vanilla ice cream.  

We had tried out a feeding therapy group in North Jersey that did not go so well for us because the approach was much more forceful.  We only saw tiny progress for the length of time that we were there so we had decided to pull out.  We finally decided to start back up again a little less than a year ago when we started seeing a gastroenterologist who ruled out some more serious gastro issues or allergies.  We are seeing a therapist whose approach is the complete opposite of forceful.  She will push Colin but not force him.  In the past year we have seen a lot of baby steps that now, in looking back, we realize we have come so far.  

While Colin still eats cottage cheese for the majority of his meals, he is more open to trying different things that we are eating.  He has been eating pizza when we do and most recently, will eat several different kinds of noodles with red or white sauce.  

Tonight was spaghetti night for dinner.  While there was some protests to start eating it, he gave in when he realized we were all eating it.  

We have really come a long way with Colin's eating.  His feeding therapist wanted us to send noodles to school with him which I dragged my feet in doing and even though it took a week, he ate it for lunch at school no problem on Friday.  Hopefully with time, we will be able to add some other food choices to his rotation.  Tonight was a fun night at dinner!


Kristin said...

Yay for new foods!

FirePhoto23 said...

GO Colin..... Not many parents understand what it is like to have a child who doesn't eat!!!
My son is so much like Colin when it comes to feeding difficulties. Had issues from birth too.. He has a Sensory Processing Disorder with severe oral aversions which kicked into overdrive at 12.5 months old. He went from eating pasta, chicken, rice, steamed veggies, pancakes, and waffles to baby food again. He will turn 4 in less then 2 weeks and his main source of nutrition is yogurt.. He will eat crackers on occasion and anything chocolate. None of my friends understand what I deal with and I really thought my son was the only kid like this.. I am REALLY happy that Colin is trying more foods and EATING them!!!!!

Michelle said...

Looks like he is making a lot of progress in the eating area ... and that he really liked his spaghetti!