Friday, September 27, 2013

Potty Updates

This week has brought some positive changes in Colin's world of potty training.  Last week, Colin's teacher contacted me after experiencing some frustrations with a powerful arc that was soaking the floor at school when seated on the potty.  She wanted to try having him sit down or stand up and at first, I was wary of it because he doesn't have the strength to hold himself up on the potty and I had no idea how he would handle the change in trying something new.  It seems to be the trick that has motivated him to go more often at school and will even occasionally ask to go.  

We have tried implementing the standing up which is hit or miss.  I don't think we have the right equipment for him to be completely successful so I need to look into this further.  He will step up onto the step-potty and lean over to the back to hold on, but I can tell it's hard work to hold himself up and often gives up pretty quickly.  

He is also doing really well with the routine of washing his hands afterwards.  He does much better with this at school, but I love watching how serious he is with it.  The only negative is that when he is more tired, he will put the soap right into his mouth.  

While we are still really far off from being "potty trained", we are still headed in the right direction.

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Rochelle said...

Yahoo! Cheerios in the toilet make fun aiming targets. Just sayin'!