Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family Dinner

I was very fortunate growing up that my family sat down at the table together and ate dinner as a family.  There were times we had to talk about our highlights of our day, we were always asked what we did at school, and most times it was filled with lots of laughs.  When life started to shift and Chris and my family together began, it was important to me (and Chris as well) to continue our tradition and eat together as often as possible.  With Chris' job now, it can be difficult at times to maintain this every night, but we have always made sure that if we are all home together, we sit at the table and eat together.  

It's funny how life works sometimes and you find yourself crossing paths with people who become your lifelong friends and extended family.  My first job out of college was as an Athletic Trainer at Monmouth University for the women's soccer team.  On my first day out on the field, one of the girls (Meredith) came right up to me and introduced herself immediately (which put me at ease).  

Colin and Meredith
 At the time, Chris and I had just started dating.  At the same time, I was also getting to know another athlete on the team (Mo).  Both were always so welcoming and included me in many of their events and activities outside of soccer (I wasn't that much older than either of them).  After working there for two seasons, I ended up getting a job as an athletic trainer at the high school that Meredith went to and shortly after, she got a teaching job there as well (in the middle school, which is where I am now).  Over the course of years, we all started hanging out outside of our jobs and then eventually, Meredith bought a house within 2 miles of the house Chris and I had bought.  Mo moved in with Mer, then later followed by Kelly (Mo's high school friend) and then our family dinners were truly born.  Soon after, my sister Kim moved to the area and the family grew by 1.  

Mo (with Kailey), Kelly, Kim, Meredith, me with Colin, and Chris

Once a week, we rotate between our 3 homes (Mo recently bought her own home) and have our family dinner together.  We talk about our highs and lows of our day (that's Mo's favorite), talk about our days, and laugh together just like any traditional family does.  

I am definitely the sap of the group, so it won't be any surprise to them to see me say this, but I am truly lucky for this family of mine who are faithful and supportive friends no matter what life brings.  They each bring their own uniqueness to the "table" and are true friends in ever sense of the word.  They have plunged into the ocean with us in the winter in support of Colin, they have babysat, picked the kids up from school, and treated our kids just like they were part of their own list could go on and on...and on...

I am so very lucky to have this family of you guys!

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