Friday, September 6, 2013

1st Week Recap

The first week of every year has pretty much been the same when sending the kids back to daycare for the first time after the summer.  It is always to be expected that the kids will have and need some transition time to get used to the change in routine.  This year brought some new changes with it in that they both started school in a new location.  As expected, I had lots of anxieties about starting them in a new place, but as I sit here and write tonight, I am confident that we made a great choice.  

Chris does drop off in the morning and had a rough time earlier in the week when both weren't too happy when he was leaving.  Each day, the texts became a little more positive with the improvements in their demeanor when getting to school.  It is no secret that I have been a little upset and discouraged about the sudden change in Colin's potty habits as he stopped communicating his need to go and was having lots of accidents (at school).  We made a joint decision to put him back in pullups at school because of the amount of accidents but obviously still continue to work towards getting back in underwear again.  Colin's teacher and the owner of the school continuously highlighted the positives of his days and continued to stress that they felt it was simply due to the transition of starting the new school (especially since he's still been doing pretty well at home).  

The owner kept saying that we needed to "make friends with the potty" with  him at school until he got comfortable with it.  Chris would go in with him in the morning and then I would follow suit in the afternoon.  The first two days he cried, the 3rd day he went in but didn't sit, and then today after getting into the classroom, he ASKED Chris to take him to the bathroom.  He didn't go, but that was big in itself.  Then, this afternoon, he went in, showed me which potty he wanted to use, and WENT.  Woo hoo!  

We celebrated with ice cream and our friend Mo tonight the end of our first week back to structure and routine again.  We celebrated transitions and working back to skills that were "avoided" in a new location and I celebrated the new teachers who have worked really hard to make sure Colin and Kailey have felt happy and loved in their new school.  I am grateful that we have found a good fit for the kids and that Colin's teacher has a lot of love and patience to go through this transition with him.  

Colin's teacher has been completely open to the communication notebook that I started for this school year for notes and recording the potty information.  She has written extremely thorough notes back and forth with me and finished the week out with this one...

"We had such a fun day! Colin is starting to interact a little more each day.  He still enjoys circle time with our songs, morning stretch, pledge, and stories.  Today he was the weather man and told us it was sunny! He makes me smile.

Colin and I had a bonding moment after lunch today.  I was on the floor picking up and helping him with his lunch box.  He grabbed my face and started playing "peek a boo" with me.  Then he gave me hugs and kisses and was playing with my eye lashes.  Then he let me touch his.  He made me feel very special today.  Thank you for entrusting him to us.  He is truly a special little boy and you two are wonderful parents.  Have a great weekend!"

If Colin plays with your eyelashes, then you are in with him.  

I am one thankful Mommy tonight.... 

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