Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeding Therapy Update

Colin has been attending feeding therapy at the new location for awhile now and it has been going really well.  While we haven't seen any big jumps, the gains that he has made have been very subtle.  For example, Colin has been more interested in the food that we are eating, it's just that if it gets anywhere close to his lips, he isn't sure what to do with it and then decides to refuse.  We have items on our list that we are working on and while they are challenging to do at home (because we have a very stubborn little boy), he is more willing to do them at school.  These items include: putting things he regularly eats (pudding, yogurt) in a different container like a regular bowl to improve upon his flexibility, messy food play (this doesn't go well when he has no interest), and exposing him to different foods with the idea of simply just getting him to touch it at first.  Miss Josie is great and I am really comfortable with the things that she is doing with Colin.  

At Josie's suggestion, we got an eval for OT through the same rehabilitation facility with the hopes that working on some sensory input prior to the feeding therapy would help the feeding sessions.  Miss Marybeth has been great and I can tell that Colin really likes her as well.  We chatted for awhile today and I immediately felt as though I could share different things with her.  She has a plan for Colin each time so that he knows exactly what they will be working on and although she says he has been "lightly" testing her, he is willing to follow through with the task when the demand is placed again.  She is REALLY happy with his behavior and the tasks he is working on.  She said more than once what a pleasure it is to work with Colin.  

While I wish progress happened "quickly", I am really happy so far with having started this up again at the location we are going to.  Not to mention, although I wasn't originally thrilled with an hour and half sitting in a waiting room, I am now more than happy to spend 90 minutes alone getting some paperwork and reading accomplished!  Win-win!

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