Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeding Therapy Update

Colin has been at the feeding therapy route this time around for awhile now.  While I can not report on any significant gains, we do occasionally see little glimmers of hope that there might be a change coming in the future.  Overall, Colin seems more interested in different foods, it's just that if they get close to his mouth he suddenly realizes he doesn't want it (or necessarily know what to do with it).  Miss Josie has been working really hard with him, however, her philosophy is never to force anything, so it is a slow process.  

At Miss Josie's suggestion, we had an OT eval done at the same rehab facility and just today, Colin started OT prior to his feeding therapy session.  While it is a lot at once, he has been really receptive to working with new people and his new therapist today that he was a good listener and did what was asked of him.  She is going to continue to work on the same things he does in school OT (handwriting, hand strengthening, isolating digits, particularly the pointer, etc.) but add in some sensory components as well.  I REALLY liked her approach in the fact that she set up a  little picture "schedule" for Colin so that he knew exactly what he was going to be doing while with her.  He was really  hesitant to go with her and let out a small cry when it was time for me to separate but when I peeked back, he was happily walking with her.  

It's crazy though...how often do I send my child off with "complete strangers" when it's time to start these new therapies.  I guess it's just something that we get used to in this realm of the world.  

Overall, we are really happy with how things are going and stick to the philosophy "slow and steady wins the race".  

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