Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I couldn't seem to form an organized post, but instead, have a lot of random thoughts running through my mind.  

- I can't get over the resiliency of kids in dealing with something as big as what this area has gone through in the past few weeks.  We were all back to school on Monday after being off for 2 weeks.  I have several students who have lost everything, including their materials for my class, and yet, shrug it off as though everything is ok.  I had my students write a few sentences on the first day back describing their own experiences (wondering who I need to worry about in terms of getting some supplies) and the ones that lost everything and staying somewhere new (some in a hotel, one in a basement "it's carpeted", and others with many other family members in small homes) ALL wrote that their family was ok and they were doing well before telling me that they didn't have any of their school supplies any longer.  Amazing.

- Although Colin is transitioning REALLY well to being back to school and attending a new/old daycare again, he still seems "off" and has been really whiny (particularly in the morning).  At times, he seems to get frustrated easily (most often directed at Kailey) and will scream NO! when he is really unhappy with something.  

- We have been trying a new routine again at bedtime which started this past weekend to get Colin back on track for school again.  So far, it seems to be working really well and I also hope to incorporate some pictures on a communication board, which I have been working on.  The way we have it structured now is that when Kailey goes to bed at 7:30, we give Colin the Ipad to play with.  We set the alarm for 8:00 and show him the sound before he starts.  We tell him that when he hears the sound, it's time for bed.  Then, he gets his vitamin, goes potty, brushes his teeth (well, sort of), reads a book in bed with us, and then I explain what he will do the next day (seeing his teacher, riding the bus, etc.), kiss him goodnight, and then leave.  So far, the first few nights he was only getting out of bed once, but tonight he didn't get out at all!

- Potty training has been tough to say the least.  For the most part, Colin will go when we put him on it, however, there is no initiation on his part to go or even tell us that he has to go.  If we push more and make him go really often, he fights it as much as he can.  Right now we have him on a schedule of specific times he goes during the day, but it's not enough to prevent him from going in his diaper.  We halted potty training during the 2 weeks after Sandy because he was having a hard time.  We just feel like we are in a difficult place without making any progress.  The potty is he sitting on in this picture is great! It's the highest shield I have come across yet and seems to be more comfortable for him.  I got it at Target for $12 and it's called the Wee Potty (or something like that).  

- I just got a call today about finally scheduling feeding therapy, so we will see if we can add that to the mix to work towards a resolution!  

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Rochelle said...

Have been away from reading or blogging much the last few weeks but, wow does Colin look so much older/bigger!
He will get there on the potty training. First steps are just put him on and praise him like crazy when he does something. He will get the initiation much later. A schedule is a great way to build his confidence and get him used to it.
Good luck.