Monday, November 19, 2012

It Hasn't Been Easy

These 2 kids have been particularly "frisky" lately and it has been challenging to say the least!  I think it's especially frustrating for me when they are not at a point to be able to adequately tell me what is bothering them, especially Colin.  Bedtime has been an absolute nightmare again (probably worse than when it all started the first time) and it brought me to tears last night because I am at a loss to know what to do.  It certainly didn't help that Chris was not around to help with it (which was probably part of the problem, no fault of his own).  I have a baby gate that I am borrowing for thanksgiving day and have been contemplating trying it in his doorway (that has been a suggestion from several people) but my only fear in trying it is Colin actually hurting himself in frustration (when we tried holding the door last year, he started banging his head on the door).  I can only keep my fingers crossed each night and hope that it goes better than the night before. 

Kailey, on the other hand....whew, her drama is out of control!  It's not a good sign when her teacher at school tells me that she was clingy and whiney all day there too.  They actually proposed teething (which does make a lot of sense) and tonight she was gnawing incessantly on her fingers.  It's funny though because she was so clingy this morning wanting me to hold her when I couldn't yet tonight, I make sure I get things done really quickly to snuggle with her, and she wants nothing to do with me! I had to laugh...

I was excited to get a call this week saying that we finally got an appointment to try this new feeding therapy out for Colin.  We did this evaluation about a month ago now but couldn't get a time slot that fit our schedule. However, he's all set for November 27th and I'm hoping for some progress (even if it's really slow progress!).  He has been a tad bit more willing to try some things here and there which he had never been willing to do before.  

At our friend Quinn's baptism yesterday, Colin actually ate some cake (that was drenched in cool whip, but even so, it was cake!).  He ate a significant amount which was really encouraging.  He also ate a small piece of pizza all by himself the other night (although, hasn't wanted some since).  Some baby steps are better than none!

 And even though there were LOTS of moments I wanted to pull my hair out yesterday with these 2, they still managed to shock me and sit together for a good 20 minutes, SHARING, and watching a show together.  Some days it's the little things!


Deborah said...

Sending sympathy from miles away! I wish I could send sleep, but I don't have any to spare lately. My kids go down fine, but it seems like at least 2 of the 3 are awake at some point during the night. I'm hoping it's just a phase - and I'm hoping that your two settle down quickly. It's sweet that they sat together for the video. Precious 20 minutes!

Nana said...

So cute! I loved his shirt!

Jenny said...

I loved his shirt too, he looked so handsome and grown up in it :)

The picture of them sharing is adorable...Moments like that certainly help one push through the tougher times!