Monday, November 5, 2012


normal: usual; regular; natural

In looking up the definition of normal in the dictionary, it says that it is something that is regular and natural.  To me, normal means feeling comfortable in whatever routine has been established to get through the day by day activities.  Nothing really feels normal right now as everything comfortable has been disrupted. While we are finally settled back at home with our power, the kids don't have routines.  Colin and I can not return to our public schools until at least Monday the 12th (with rumors circulating that Colin may not return until the 19th).  My kids may not understand what is happening to so many friends and family members but they do know that the usual, regular and natural routines of our days have been disrupted until we can all pull out of this initial wreckage that Sandy has caused.  

Many still do not have homes.  Many have been relocated to new places.  Some have not been able to adequately clean up what Sandy left behind.  And while some of us call ourselves fortunate, things still do not feel like normal and may not for a long time.  

When Sandy came through, one of the things that was destroyed in her wake was the tradition of Halloween.  Many towns rescheduled it for today if possible as per the governor which caused a lot of debates to circulate on media outlets.  We decided for ourselves that we were not going to have the kids walk around our neighborhood and because Kailey had her parade at school, we didn't up going to some of the safe alternative options.  However, Colin and Kailey were in their costumes while some of the kids came around to our house.  

While I saw both sides to the argument because many are still without power or in the position to be handing out candy, I also understood that many parents wanted to provide their children with some sort of normal.  Regardless of whether or not kids like school, it is part of a routine that has been changed in all of their lives. The older children understand that their friends lives have changed who have been in some of the hardest hit areas.  I was happy to hand out candy to the kids that came around to our house.  For them, it was an attempt at normalcy again, to get out of the house and do something that was usual and regular again.  It was a chance to have fun and be happy and even smile....

I know my kids enjoyed it!


EN said...

Praying your "normal" is restored soon. Your ladybug and Spiderman are beyond adorable!

Becca said...

I just can't imagine. I hope things get back to normal soon for everyone. But I'm glad Colin and Kailey had fun, and they're just beyond adorable in their costumes!