Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PT Progress

One of the adjustments that Chris and I had to make (ok, maybe me more than Chris) was the change in the level of communication from having the therapists here in our home to sending Colin somewhere else where we don't get to see what's going on on a daily basis.  While I think that the change is 100% better in terms of how Colin performs (he's often less "scoochy" when we aren't around), it has been  hard for me to not know everything.  Colin's teacher sends home a daily sheet which mostly details the educational components for the day which is helpful in terms of what his lesson is for the day.  However, at the start of this year, we also instituted a "communication notebook" so that if we had more questions or other information needed to be relayed, it could all be put in one place.  So far it has been pretty successful, however, we don't receive as much information from the therapists (aside from speech; more on that in a bit) as we did when they were right in our home (totally acceptable for us as we know the bigger goals they are working on in OT and PT and these are subtle changes with time).

Every once in awhile, Colin's PT will email us and send pictures with more detailed information about the progress he has been making.  We knew that she was working on jumping for awhile, but just transitioned to bike riding skills.  Today couldn't have been a more perfect day for me to receive such an email highlighting Colin's progress.  

Her email started by saying, "Instead of sending a wordy note home, I thought since Colin seems to be enjoying his success at trike riding, I would send you pics and a video as a visual".  She then went on to talk about the modifications she made to the bike (using velcro straps on his feet to provide input) to assist him get used to the motions first.  She also is using a jump rope to help assist him move the tricycle at first. 

It was exciting to see the progress he is making and coincidental since a little birdy may have mentioned that Santa is bringing the kids matching tricycles this Christimas!  

The notes home from his speech therapist (very detailed) have not been as encouraging.  We know this is a significant challenge and delay for him and she has been working really hard on specific concepts right now.  She uses the picture flash cards that I made using family members to work on actions and she often writes that he needs maximum cues.  She is also trying to get him to identify actions like "Mommy is ______".  She also mentioned that it's hard to decipher between what is him not knowing versus lack of initiation.  These notes have been hard to take because it sort of feels overwhelming that we are all working hard and not seeing as much progress in this part of his development.  I am sure that one day we may see a spurt where it becomes evident that he "took it in with time" but it's difficult to hear now!

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Jenny said...

I love that the PT sends you pictures and video clips every now and then...How awesome to be able to see him in action while you're not there! He did so good on his little tricycle...I can just picture him and Kailey ripping around on matching ones :)