Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Happenings

When I opened up the blog to update, I couldn't believe how long it's been since I last put a post up.  The summer always runs on a different schedule for me and it's amazing that I can update almost nightly during a school year that keeps me incredibly busy, but not so much during the summer.  We are certainly keeping busy with beach days, working, birthday parties, play dates, and occasionally getting to hang out home.  Daily chores have certainly gone by the wayside and replaced with going back and forth between my parent's beach house and here (obviously SO much more important!).  

We are gearing up to head down to Washington D.C. this weekend for the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference and I can't wait to meet so many of you bloggers that will also be attending!  

Kailey's personality has taken off and she has become so fiercely independent.  She is one determined little girl to do what SHE wants WHEN she wants.  Her speech is really blossoming and it's interesting to watch her tackle and accomplish so many different skills rather quickly.  She is pretty dramatic and can be whiny when things aren't going her way (that one is tough for me!).  However, she makes me laugh and I often can't get over how cute she is!  She has this screechy little laugh that I absolutely love!  In so many ways she is just like her mother, but one of those is when it comes to the temperature outside.  She sweats so easily and you can often find beads of sweat on her nose.  

Things have been interesting with Colin since he started up with school again.  We have had a tough transition because he is crying every day getting on the bus.  I have also cried 4/5 days of school so far as the bus pulls away seeing his face so upset in the bus window.  I absolutely love the bus driver and aide because they are always so loving and the aide always picks him up and gives him a hug before putting him in the seat.  I wish it were easier (mostly for me!)  but after communicating with his teacher, I know he is doing well at school once he is there.  The only strange thing is that he has been "wetting" through his diaper frequently, but towards the end of the school day.  It just makes me wonder if his diaper is getting changed during the day (aside from when its poopy).  I just can't imagine him peeing through his diaper every day.  

We are once again having some sleep issues, but this time, it's happening in the middle of the night.  Almost every single night now, Colin is getting up between 12 and 2 and shows up at my bed side.  A lot of the times we would be so out of it we would just pick him up and fall asleep with him in our bed (ugh) or lay down with him in his bed and then we would fall asleep there.  Last night we tried putting him back in bed every time he got out, but the crying is very different than what it was when we would be putting him down for the first time.  I'm not sure if it's dreams he is having or what, but it's so strange to me.  I'm too tired to keep getting up with him!

On Sunday, Chris and I "celebrated" (we are actually celebrating tomorrow night) 5 years of wedded bliss. It's amazing how fast time flies, especially after adding kids to the picture.  I look at the pictures and it honestly feels like yesterday!

I love you Chris!


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Congrats on 5 years!! beautiful pix! safe travels to DC what an AMAZING city and full of great things to do with the kids...Max and Maddie both loved the botanical gardens and it is by the capital! and free! please keep blogging about Colin transition to school and the bus! Maddie is in school now and we are having a ROUGH go of it...cries and comes home with tear stains...not sure I am ready for the bus this travels! smiles

Rochelle said...

Have fun at the conference and happy anniversary! I forgot you were married on our anniversary LOL! We celebrated 11 years!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hi Kelli,

My name is Jen and I graduated from Hunterdon Central with your brother-in-law, Brian. I learned of your blog through his Facebook page and I could not help but check it out after seeing Colin's beautiful face. I have a cousin with Down Syndrome and my husband does, too (Victoria is about 3). I think your family is so beautiful and your journey is so inspiring. I have twin boys that are 3 and my pediatrician had concerns that one of the boys had CP, which turned out not to be the case (although the neurologist has mild concern that he may have other issues down the road). I know how frightened I was, as a parent, at the prospect of my child having a disability and the obstacles he could face in the future. I truly believe that God only selects the most special people to be blessed as parents of children with disabilities. You are wonderful parents and I find you to be such an inspiration and I look forward to following Colin's growth and successes!