Monday, July 2, 2012

Congratulations Tim and Val!

This weekend we celebrated the marriage of my brother Tim and his new wife Val.  It was so much fun for us as we had all of my family together (including grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends) to celebrate this very special day for the two of them.  

Growing up in a family of 4 kids who were very close in age was not always the easiest in terms of us getting along.  I think Tim will tell you that him and I did not get along very well when we were younger (it may or may not have something to do with me being the oldest and a rule-follower), but as we got older, we became closer and closer.  I am very thankful to not only call Tim my brother, but also my friend.  Words cannot express how happy and proud I am of him and all that he has accomplished since he moved to North Carolina and started his new life there with Val.  We wish them all of the best!

Colin had a very special job in Tim's wedding as the ring bearer.  He had an adorable little tux that matched the best man (his Uncle Pat).  The day started out a little rough for us with the kids because when we got to the hotel with them, they were both losing it (after only a short nap).  

Thank goodness for technology because the only thing that seemed to calm them down was the Fresh Beat Band on my phone.  I think they were both just overheated and overtired.  

However, they both pulled out their A-game as Colin was absolutely adorable walking down the aisle and Kailey was on her best happy-behavior.  

I wonder why I tortured my daughter with toole when I HATED the material growing up!

Aunt Kimmy helped out with Kailey as Chris and I had other jobs in getting Colin ready.

My brother Tim (groom), my brother Pat (best man) and Tim's new son CJ (who played the bridal music!)
We were a little concerned at the rehearsal because Colin wanted nothing to do with "practicing", but when it came to game time, he did exactly as he was supposed to (minus the pillow). 

The ceremony was beautiful as they confessed their own personal vows to each other and became husband and wife!

Matching tuxedos!

The happy parents of the groom.

One of my most favorite pictures of the day!

Granddad and Colin

He looked so handsome!

We are so lucky to still have 3 of our 4 grandparents with us to celebrate!

Daddy and Colin

They make me giggle!

They're cute and they know it!

The new happy family!

Unfortunately, it was 90+ degrees
Waiting for his ride to go home.  By 7:00, Colin and Kailey were DONE.

Celebrating 65 years of marriage! Chris and I only have 60 more years to go! Lol...

Chris and Grammy

Chris and I were able to enjoy the rest of our night thanks to our good friend Leslie who came and picked the kids up (our plan all along because I knew the kids wouldn't make it).  I was a little hopeful that they would at least have made it a little bit to dance at the reception, but Colin wasn't a fan of dimmed lights and loud noises and Kailey just wanted to eat so it was a little stressful until they left.  However, we all had a great night together.  Congratulations Tim and Val!

...waiting for our guests to arrive for breakfast the next morning.

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Suze said...

OMG! Colin is the CUTEST ring bearer! He is so handsome in that tux! He looks like a pro! You should hire him out for weddings! Kailey looked so cute in her dress too! Love them!