Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Plunge

Every year, people ask us all of the time how we can throw our bodies into freezing cold water in the middle of the winter in just a bathing suit. If you had asked me that question before Colin was born I would have told you that it was a crazy idea. I remember when my friend Zach did it for the first time; I thought HE was crazy.

We plunge simply because we love Colin. He has inspired us to raise money for an organization that he will one day be a part of (sooner than later!). When we volunteered for the Olympic Games this June, we felt like we were part of something larger than us. We were inspired. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and a stage to do so.

My dad wrote a blog piece for the Special Olympics of NJ blog titled "Why I Plunge". Please take a moment to read his post here... We are ALL inspired by what Colin has taught us, but has in a special way to my dad, Colin's Grandad, as well.

We are going for our 3rd year as a unified CAT Crew and would love for you to join us to make this our biggest and best year yet. We have raised around $70,000 in the past 2 years with around 50+ members each year! There are several ways you can help out:

The 2012 Special Olympics of NJ Polar Bear Plunge is going to take place on February 25, 2012 in Seaside Heights, NJ. Check out the Polar Bear plunge website here.

1. Join CAT Crew by clicking here! We would love to have you! Follow the link to join our team.

2. Donate to my page by clicking here!

3. We have lots of fundraising events available being hosted all of NJ.
- Appetizer Fundraiser at the Dubliner in Galloway, NJ on October 22nd from 1pm - 4pm
- Flapjack fundraiser at Applebees in Hamilton, NJ on January 21st from 8-10am
- Dining to Donate at the Applebees on November 9th from 5:30-9pm.

As always we thank you for all of your support!