Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy 6 Month Birthday Kailey!!

Our beautiful little girl is turning 6 months on Monday! Happy 6 month birthday Kailey!!

You have brought a whole new dynamic to our family and we love your easy-going nature, your spunkiness and the fact that you are the happiest little girl. You always make us smile with that big beautiful smile of yours. When you smile, your whole face smiles!

In the past 6 months you have changed so much, but one thing that has not changed is your love for your brother. You think he is the funniest best older brother ever, which is evident by the fact that you are constantly smiling and laughing at him.

You have been working pretty hard, despite the fact that you don't like your tummy a whole lot. You can get up on outstretched arms and you look like you are getting close to get onto your knees. You are constantly moving in your crib, on the floor, in your Johnny Jump Up and you make us laugh with your different positions you end up in.

You are so curious about everything. You make me giggle to watch you explore everything around you. You constantly love to touch our face, especially after you just took your fingers out of your mouth! You don't nap, which is tough because by 5:30pm, you start to get pretty cranky so we haven't figured out a good dinner routine with you yet. You may not nap, but you DO sleep 12-13 hours a night. You are eating foods now and seem to like everything except the green beans. You gagged and wretched at that one and started crying because you didn't want any more. Your reaction to peaches today was hysterical because you must have thought it was so tart!

Your first week at school has been a success and you are always happy when I come to get you. Transition has been going quite well with you! You like to talk a lot, and I'm HOPING for a mama first this time!
We love you so much Kailey girl and we will continue to enjoy every single moment with you. You bring so much to our family and we are blessed to have you there...

We love you beautiful! Happy 6 month birthday!!


Nana said...

Happy 6 months!! Love, Nana

Jenny said...

She's a beauty! Happy six months Kailey :)

Wren said...

She's getting so big!!! Her eyes are simply amazing!!! Happy 6 months pretty girl!