Monday, February 21, 2011

Me 'n My Buddy!

Yesterday, Colin got to spend time with his buddy Bennett!! The two of them are so cute together and it's fun because they are so close in age too. We always enjoy spending time with the whole family as Bennett's older sisters are so great with the boys! We are lucky to have found such great friends!

We all met at Surf Taco because they were having a great fundraiser for us! What they did was set up a date and then all we had to do was spread the word and pass around flyers to local friends and family. When anyone went to Surf Taco with the flyer, Surf Taco would donate 20% of the cost of the meal to CAT Crew and the Polar Bear Plunge ! We are so thankful for their support with this great deal! The boys are so similar when it comes to feeding challenges, so it was nice for me to be able to have someone there who was in a similar boat.

Afterwards we headed back to our house for play time!! It's so nice to be in this house now with a great big play room for the kids to run around and play in. At one point I looked over and Colin and Bennett were playing with a toy together quietly and it was just so cute!

The day went by so fast and as always, we had a wonderful time! I can't wait for the next play date!
Thanks Donovan family for a great day!! xoxo

For more super adorable pictures, head over to Adrienne's blog at Our Unexpected Journey.

She's got a much better camera than I do! :)


Lori said...

Very cute! Looks like a fun day =)

Adrienne said...

Kelli, your camera took great pics!! So much fun!

Kristin said...

Nothin' better than a good buddy - so cute!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

looks like a great day!! love the new header!! to cute for words...smiles

Susan Carson said...

I follow both of your blogs, but I didn't know Bennett and Colin were pals! How fun to see them both together. What a couple of cuties!!!