Friday, February 11, 2011


Colin got to spend some time with his THREE great-grandparents recently. He is so lucky to have so many grandparents in his life from great, to regular, to pseudo!

Looking at pictures with Great-Grammy...

So happy to spend time together!

Snuggling in with Great-Poppy and Great-Grandma...

...having a fun day!

Isn't he lucky? :)


Kelly said...

YES, he is a very lucky little boy.......just like his buddy Landon (although he has one great-grandmother that has been blessed to see her great-grandchildren)!! As a matter of fact, we just celebrated her 93rd b-day on the 9th (just 2 days before Landon's b-day)!!

Feeling very blessed & thankful, huh?!! We are very lucky:)

Michelle said...

I love that second picture, look at the joy on both of their faces!