Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gettin' There

Our poor little boy has had a rough few days between not sleeping from the tooth explosion and the cold/congestion he has been fighting. His face looks like he's been through a battle from goop and snot and wiping his nose so many times and red cheeks but he's getting better. Chris stayed home from work until I got home with him yesterday and then last night he finally slept through the night which was a blessing in disguise for us. Today, we kept him home again, this time with Nana and Granddad who also gave us a blessing by cleaning the house and making us dinner (thank you :)

Looking forward to getting our happy and healthy little boy back!


Rochelle said...

Glad he is getting better! Three cheers for the grandparents!!! Will they travel down here? LOL

Kelly said...

Glad to hear he is feeling better! I wish I could say the same for his buddy Landon........the yucky snot that I tried to ignore yesterday....DID NOT DISAPPEAR:( A cold it is!!! So much for making it through the month of February sick free!!

Thank goodness for grandparents:)