Sunday, February 27, 2011

The 2011 Special Olympics' Polar Bear Plunge

What a weekend we have had!

Yesterday, friends and family participated with Team CAT Crew in our 2nd annual Special Olympics of NJ Polar Bear Plunge! It was an amazing day as the winds died down, the rain stopped, and the sun was shining for "our" (I was not able to participate this year) plunge into the ocean.

Some facts about the day:
- Approximately 5,100 people plunged for the Special Olympics
- Approximately $1.5 million was raised and the number is STILL climbing!
- CAT Crew raised $32,656 so far because the number is STILL climbing with any donations that were given yesterday not accounted for yet!
- CAT Crew had more members than last year at 55!
- Water temp: 39 degrees
- Air temp: about the same

This year, plunge day was a bit different for me as I got to experience the plunge as a spectator. While I was extremely emotional last year with it being our first year and all, this year I got to hold Colin as our unified CAT Crew team jumped in together. The tears were flowing as I thought about our journey and how lucky Chris, Colin and I are to have family and friends and people that we had never met before that would do anything for us...INCLUDING jumping into the Atlantic Ocean on a 30-something degree day into 30-something degree water. Wow, what a legacy Colin has started...all because he was born with a little something extra.

On Friday and Saturday, Chris, Colin and I were interviewed for a local cable network show and we were asked about how Colin has brought us all together, how he has unified us all. It's amazing to feel this connected to people because OF him and all because he is just a little boy loving life right now. While in some instances, I have heard the diagnosis can separate people from friends and family, our little boy has brought us all closer together. People are on our team, they are a part of our team and they are fighting for our team...
...words could never truly express how thankful we are for all of this love and support for Colin. We are so blessed to have the family, friends (new and old), and cyber friends that we do because you all make this journey so special for us.
Thank you for a fantastic day CAT Crew! We love you! xoxoxox


Natalia said...

I'm so happy and PROUD to be a part of CAT Crew and a part of Colin's life! You are an amazing family, and of course, you are amazing FRIENDS!!

I love you KELLI, CHRIS, & COLIN!!!

Can't wait for the next plunge!! :)

Suze said...

Can I tell you I got all teary-eyed reading this post? Colin is the sweetest little boy, and I feel so lucky that he was one of Tommy's first friends! One of my co-workers has done the Plunge for 3 years now, and he remembers hearing the CAT crew name announced last year, so he was going to be listening and looking for them yesterday (I'll find out tomorrow!). Colin is such the celebrity!

Adrienne said...

Looks like a perfect day!! So glad you had a good plunge!! Congrats on a successful year again and of course we're so glad we've met you, Chris and Colin!!

Nana said...

It was truly an emotional and fantastic day! So many people and so much love! That's what life is about and I'm so blessed to be a part of that!! Our little Ambassador of Happiness has certainly touched many lives! Thank you Colin!! We love you lots!! Love, Nana

randy said...

Obviously the day could not have been more perfect - awesome weather (for February and/or 2011 period), amazing fund raising totals and all the love on that beach...INCREDIBLE! Congratulations to the CAT Crew and their fund raising success for Special Olympics...P.S. As always - thanks so much for the pictures - apparently I have to live lots of my life vicariously:)

MandD said...

It looks like it was a wonderful time. Congratulations on bringing together such a successful group again!