Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lots of Cuteness!

Cuteness: Coming off of a day yesterday when I got some "bad" news at school, today was much better! When I got to school, one of the little girls went running over to Colin and they started kissing (watch out Kaia!) and it looked like she was standing over him sayin "please don't take him!". Miss Stacey said they were making out all day! They also told me that during this transition phase, he is doing REALLY well. In fact, he spends all morning in the new classroom and when they bring him back to his old room, he shakes his head no because he does not want to go inside since he knows it's nap time! In fact, he is having such a good time that instead of coming over to me and only wanting me to hold him, he starts crawling AWAY from me to one of his toys after saying hi!

Cuteness: Tonight at dinner, Colin was enjoying his pizza so much that he ate it himself!! Our friend Mo was feeding him (making a mess!) and because there was some on his tray, he picked it up and ate it! All. by. himself. He ate the rest all. by. himself! Woo hoo!

Cuteness? After Colin and I got home, I was putting some things away and getting changed into comfy clothes (made a big mistake wearing NON maternity pants today!) and I caught Colin in the bathroom pulling up on the toilet. It was cute until he put his mouth on the toilet. I mean, I clean the toilet but that's just gross!

Major cuteness: Chris has basically been away for about 10 days (with one night home in the beginning) and when he walked in the door yesterday, Colin was soooo happy to see him. he couldn't get enough of his Daddy.

Last bit of cuteness: Tonight during Colin's bath (needed one again tonight since he had pizza everywhere), he spent the whole time kicking his feet. If you can notice, he even points his toes! He's even kicking while on his tummy! Can you say future swimmer?!?


Deanna said...

haha...loved the swimming video...what a cutie!

Rochelle said...

Olympic gold swimmer right there folks! Super job on the eating Colin, keep up the great work.
Glad today was only smooches handed out.

Angi B said...

My goodness he's adorable! Future swimmer for sure.

Nana said...

Oh my goodness!! So, so cute!!!

motherofangels said...

Wow that video is CUTE!! I wish Macy would do that! And isn't it obvious why all the girls want to make out with him? He is so CUTE!

Wren said...

The pictures of Colin and Daddy are enough to melt anyone's heart....beyond sweet!