Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This weekend was a weekend of a lot of holiday events for us! It was a lot of fun, but exhausting at the same time going from one thing to the's such a great time of year, but tiring nonetheless!

On Friday, Chris and Colin came down to my school to see my classroom and then we went and got our Christmas tree at Moore's Farm Market in town. They have great trees and great service (thanks Matt!). That night, we decorated our first Christmas tree in our new house and loved every second of it. We just love the way it looks in the living room!

Colin thought he could help Daddy put the tree in the tree stand...

He also felt that he could give a hand putting the lights on the tree!

We put the Christmas tree in the front living room because we thought Colin would be very grabby, but so far, he has not expressed much interest at all (knock on wood!) and although he helped with one ornament, that was the extent of it!

He much preferred pulling all of the magazines out of the basket!

"Moooommmm! Another picture?!"

On Saturday, my parents came down and my mom and I went to a cookie exchange at the church. We got lots of great recipes and got to try a wide variety of different yummy! Later on in the day, we all went up to Chris' basketball game where Colin had a blast (next game I WILL get video and pictures because Colin crawling all over the court is adorable!). I was telling Chris that I am in such a different place now about the fact Colin isn't walking yet. I'm completely ok with it because I know he will, but I felt a little sad the other night watching Colin crawling as fast as he could to chase after the kids that were running. He was yelling and laughing like the rest of them and once in awhile he would sit up and move his legs as though he was trying to run, even though he wasn't going anywhere since he was sitting. I think we can all learn something about determination from him because he was trying and he was having fun, just couldn't do what the rest of them were doing yet. I just wanted to help him run after the kids! Again, I know he will, it's just hard sometimes when he is trying so hard to do what the rest are actually doing.
On Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Santa Claus! Mema and Penka treated us to a great buffet breakfast at the local Country Club. Colin was feeling a little under the weather yesterday (his molars are just about to break through on the bottom), so as I expected, he was a little hesitant with meeting Santa.
The first meeting went well as long as I was holding him and Chris was nearby.

We were originally nervous to put Colin on Santa's lap, so we just took a family picture and went back to the table where Colin was giving out lots of hugs...

Since we were there, we thought we should at least try and put Colin on Santa's you can see in the subsequent pictures, that did NOT go according to plan.

Good-BYE Santa Claus!

thanks Mema and Penka!
Later in the day, we went out to Chris' parents house to help decorate their tree. Colin was feeling a little "blue" from the molars (he had a mild fever and was a little whiney), but still enjoyed himself.

another year...another tradition...

Colin slept some of the ride home and then cried the rest, including the first 30 minutes we were home. I think those molars must really hurt!
Great weekend!


Suze said...

The Santa pics are still so cute...they gave me a chuckle! And I love how he was helping Chris put up the tree - hysterical! We are planning on going to the RU-Monmouth game on Saturday with Tommy - I'll send you a note, so if you are up for it, maybe we'll see you there!

Wren said...

It's just not Christmas without a picture of a crying baby on Santa's lap...classic! Looks like a fun busy weekend with lots of memories made!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

I am loving the Christmas tree!! the Santa pictures rock!! it will be fun to see if Colin likes Santa next year...Max is 5 and still will not sit on his lap! great pictures!! you are looking so great! Happy Holidays to all of you! smiles