Monday, August 9, 2010

Special Visit

You know that feeling you get when you to talk to a friend that you haven't seen in a long time, and you just pick up right where you left off? Well, I had the honor of getting to meet a friend that I feel like I have known for a lifetime and it seemed as though we just picked up where we left off...

We got to meet our blog friends Landon and Kelly and the rest of their family, Scott, Mason, and Elijah from My Little "Son-Shine". It was a great day and we all had so much fun!! We were up vacationing in their neck of the woods and met in Plymouth, MA at a restaurant with a beautiful view.
My heart just melted to see our little boys sitting together in their high chairs and become fast friends.
They both have a great sense of humor and were quick to laugh together, clap excitedly, and bang on the drums on the table together.

Kelly has a great shot of the boys holding hands (we got the pre-shot) which was so adorable on her post.
Chris and I were talking after we left and we hope that one day Colin will have the kind of loving, caring and playful siblings that Mason and Elijah are to Landon. They quickly made Colin one of their own and left no bit of hugs, kisses, and high-fives behind. Kelly and Scott, your kids truly are special and we were so lucky to spend time with all of them.

Of course there was lots of kid swapping because I just HAD to get my snuggles with Landon. Ah, be still my heart...

This little boy is a love bug. He snuggled right up to me and gave me an endless amount of smiles and kisses. He is just so cute, I can't get enough!!

Chris got his turn with Landon too...look at that hug!!

Of course, Colin had to say hi to Kelly and Scott too! I think our kids tell us a lot about people sometimes the way they react to them. Colin is in this phase right now where he will sometimes need time to warmup to someone before he will act like he normal hammy self. However, he must have known how special Kelly and Scott were because he warmed RIGHT up!

I think back a lot to finding out about Colin's diagnosis at birth and how much it affected Chris and I. At the time, I just couldn't look past my grief to see what was in store for us in the future. I wish I had known then that because of how special Colin is, we would meet so many special people in blogland and in person. I have now had the opportunity to meet my 2nd blog friend and again, it feels like we've been friends forever...

Kelly, it was so wonderful to meet you and your family, and especially your sweet little boy guys are truly a special family and we are honored to have met you! I can't wait for your trip to NJ in the future (then, you'll definitely hear the accent...LOL).


Kelly said...

Awe, Tobin Family, my heart is smiling!!! Thanks for all the kind words....I couldn't agree more, just like old friends picking up where they left off!!! This visit meant more to us than I could ever put into was definitely a "FEELING"!! Looking at the pics of all the boys is just so heartwarming!! You got some really GREAT shots!! I will definitely be printing a pic to frame.......we have the perfect spot for it, right in Landon's room!! The first 3 pics of Colin & Landon are priceless.....such silly boys!!!

BTW, the last thing Mason said to me before he went to bed tonight was, "When can we see Chris, Kelli & Colin again? Colin is so cute. I had so much fun, mommy!!" *SIGH* This friendship has really touched our "whole" family!! And I cannot THANK YOU enough!!!

Denise said... the end of the post, I had tears in my eyes. The way you wrote about our grief when we first find out and then talking about how we would never know all of these wonderful people if it weren't for our kiddos..I simply cannot my imagine my life being any different than it is. Once again, my jealousy arises as you are two families that I would love to meet someday but I know that time will come eventually. So glad that it worked out this time for you guys to see each other.

Rochelle said...

So fun meeting bloggy buddies. What a fun time and SO much cuteness all at one place!

Kristin said...

One day I want to a 'tour' across the country to meet all our bloggy friends!

Kacey Bode said...

Awwww! How fun, seriously, those are the two most gorgeous boys ever!!! I too think back to those early days when Ella was born and we found out that she has Down syndrome, I was so devistated. Now I sit back in amazement at all the people I have "met", the places I have been, and all that I have learned and really can't imagine my life any other way. I was just missing out on so much before Ella!!!

Melissa M said...

What a great visit and I love all the pics of the boys together! We will get to meet some blog buddies later this month and I can't wait!

Natalia said...

What a great post, Kel! It seems like all of you had such a wonderful time! And of course, your pictures are fantastic!

It's so nice to see how many wonderful friends you, Chris, AND Colin have met through this blog. I was smiling throughout the whole description of your day. :)

Love you!