Saturday, August 14, 2010

Days 3 and 4 of Vacation!

On Sunday of our trip we headed to Plymouth, MA to meet up with Kelly, Landon, Scott, Mason, and Elijah.

You can check that post out here if you didn't get to read it the 1st time. We had such a great time with them and also had the opportunity to spend some time in a very pretty location. We had some great views of the water and had so much fun while we were there.
After a fun visit, we got back in the car and headed to our hotel in Cambridge, just outside of Boston. We had a great view from our room and Colin was sure to let us know that he approved.
Once I stuck him in front of the window, he started talking very loudy and flailing his arms as if he was having a very loud conversation with someone. After we were settled and Colin had his dinner, we decided to head into Boston to Quincy Market for a light dinner and walking around/shopping.
Colin was all ready to go in his Red Sox shirt. While we should have learned from our mini golfing experience, we thought that if it got late, Colin would just sleep in his stroller after having his bottle. Well, funny story...
We get on the subway headed in the right direction. However, the subway actually starts going in the opposite direction from where we want to go. Ugh. So we go a few stops, and then decide to get off to get on the train heading back in the direction we want to go. Fine and dandy. We get BACK on and head in the direction back towards our stop. We get to our stop and we are happy because now we know we will head the direction we want to go. Except, the train goes back in the opposite direction again!! After we loudy voice our concerns to each other, some guy across from us tells us that there is construction on the tracks and we should have taken a shuttle.
Double ugh. So we get back off the train at the next stop, but now, in order to head in the direction we want to go, we would have to go back out, buy a ticket and go back in on the side of the platform we want to be. Since that seemed like more of a hassle, we decide to walk. Mind you, one subway stop is a lot further away when you decide to WALK.
When we asked Colin where we were, he didn't know.

We walked very briskly to get back and find our hotel. However, there was only ONE place for us to eat at near our we headed there for a quick bite to eat. Colin thought it was ok if he stayed up a bit later, but you can tell that both Mommy and Colin were tired.

The next day we woke up early so that we could do a big treat for Daddy...visit Fenway Park, home of his beloved Red Sox!

Colin wore his "little Monstah" shirt for the occassion.

We had a lot of fun and you could tell that Daddy was so happy to be there!

To wrap up our trip, we finally made it to Quincy Market where we had a yummy lunch! Colin ate his fruit smoothie like a champ!

Of course we had a great time on the trip getting to go to places we have never been to before, but more importantly, we had a great time just being together...


Rochelle said...

What a super vacation, nothing better than a fun place and the people you love to share it with!

Kelly said...

So happy that you had a wonderful vacation (and even happier that we were able to part of it)! I still LOVE that photo of Colin & Landon, such silly little boys=)

Sorry you had to experience the transportation fiasco (Boston is really good for that).

I LOVE Colin's "little Monstah" t-shirt! (he he, Chris!!)