Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You know what's funny? I spent all night last night thinking of this post and what I was going to write about. I've been a little frustrated lately with Colin's gross motor development, so I was going to write about those frustrations and where we are stuck at right now.
But, a couple of things have happened since I started thinking about that negative post.
Last night, when Colin and I got back to our house, I went to unbuckle his straps of the car seat and then lift him out, when he just turned to me with the kissy face. I kissed him and he gave me the biggest smile. I got all teary eyed and my heart just melted. In that moment, it just didn't matter.
Sure, I am frustrated, but it's only because I know that Colin is so close. He shows many signs of almost crawling and almost sitting up but hasn't quite accomplished those skills yet. Colin is such an observor (a nosey parker if you will) and he is just so content in his little area playing with his toys.
I also know that there are a couple of things holding him back, one of them being the teeth that are so close to popping through. He now has one, and it looks like one more is coming in on top and potentially one on the bottom. He hasn't been the happiest, and I know it's because of that. Who feels like physically doing much when they don't feel well?
Tonight, I got on the floor with him and 3 cell phones (mine and both of my parents'). I put them out in front of him, and he started using his arms to try and pull himself across the floor. I let him reach and grab the phone when he got close and then started all over again. He even started using his legs a little bit.
And you know what, it didn't matter that he hasn't quite accomplished it yet. What he did for me tonight shows me what he has been doing all along...working hard. It's natural for me to get frustrated because I'm his Mommy and I only want him to be able to go for what he wants.
But, the little love bug that he is, reminded me last night and again today. He's still trying and working hard...he just hasn't gotten there yet.
He will. And that's all that matters.


Natalia said...

HE WILL is right!!!! love you guys! xoxoxoxo

Lori said...

It IS frustrating at times. And, you have to give yourself permission to be frustrated sometimes because that means you care and want the best for Colin.
I know it is hard to imagine now, but there will come a day, very soon, when you will be posting that video of Colin on the move. And we will all be cheering (and probably crying) right along with you.
Hang in there!

sara p said...

kelli, i know those feelings. he is going to get there! and when he does colin is going to be so proud of himself and your going to get to see that on his face every time he looks at you:) your a great mom, just keep up what your doing, and he will reach his goals!

Wren said...

He will and it won't be long!!! Before you know it he'll figure it out and then be on the go! Let those teeth get through and once he back to his normal happy feeling great self he'll get it I'm sure!!!

amy said...

patience, grasshopper.
i know...slap me now! i used to hate when people would tell me that. but it is, unfortunately, the truth.

colin will do all those things, when he's good and ready, and then, just like magic, you'll want for something else. it's a vicious cycle that i am all too aware of!

enjoy yourself and your little man. soon you'll be wishing for the day when you could set him down and he would stay in one place.

hugs, my friend!

Kelly said...

Frustrating, indeed!!! Because we see how hard our kiddos work, we can't help that our hearts feel heavy at times for them. I often catch myself saying how much effort I put into helping Landon reach milestones.........then I realize, it's not half as much as he has to work to actually achieve them!! Some days I even wonder if my frustration holds him back......especially when does things at school for weeks before he does them for me!!! The title of this post is fitting......just LOVE them...the rest will fall into place!!

We really should be careful what we wish for........because once they start moving........we will need to break out the roller blades & helmets to keep up=)

Keep doing what you're doing, Kelli, that little "love bug" of yours is simply AMAZING!!!

Jen said...

I remember Tyson being around 17 or 18 months and only having 1 or 2 teeth...and then they all started coming in at once. Colin's doing just fine!!!

Rochelle said...

So true, so true, he will get there. But, you are also right it is frustrating at times.
Keep that positive focus and keep enjoying those kissy faces. He is SO Sweet!

Zoey's mom said...

This is the second time today I have read a post like this from a sweet,semi-new mommy and although Zoey is only 3 1/2,I have seen in my "vast experience",that all of these amazing children do find there way,in there own unique way and when we least expect it.

Even Miss Zoey,who came with a whole lot extra!My advice and mantra,given for the second time today and one we subscribe to big time in this house ... Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Michelle R. Slape said...

He definitely will!! My little guy started crawling at 12 months and I remember being sad because I wished he would be a baby just a little bit longer. Yours will be crawling soon and shortly after that, probably walking - or skipping crawling all together. =)

He is adorable!

Deanna said...

i love this post! colin is such a sweetheart! this sentence: I got all teary eyed and my heart just melted. In that moment, it just didn't matter.- so perfectly put!

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

What a sweet little boy, I can see how that would melt your heart!!

Stevenson Family said...

We are in the same boat!! But boy we are getting so much more with all the love they have for us!! One day at a time!!