Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Physical Therapy Update

I just sat here for the past 45 minutes watching Colin during his physical therapy session today on video. It kills me that I can't be there, and I sat and cried throught he whole thing because he was a superstar today!

I can tell you the feeling of pride that just swelled in me watching this video!

Miss K and Colin worked on so many new things today! I think one of the biggest things I learned today was how much Colin loves input through vibrations, rubbing, tapping, etc. It was a big motivator for Colin throughout the whole session.

Colin was in such a good mood and worked so hard! He is such a trooper! It's such great timing that his therapy sessions will be increasing in frequency because I feel that he is really going to take off with some new skills.

Some of the things they worked on today:
  • Hands and knees! Miss K worked on getting Colin to prop up on his arms in an extended position. From there, when she was giving input to his pec muscles, he pulled his legs up underneath and was on all fours! He stayed there long enough for her to rock him back and forth! It was so exciting!
  • Supported sitting: he did so well! You can really tell he is gaining in strength in his upper body because he can sit upright instead of slouched over.
  • Sitting to baseball slide: This exercise starts with Colin in the seated position, then you use one arm to prop on one of his sides, slide the other arm over, and then slide his arms out so he rotating onto his belly.
Those are a few of the major accomplishments he is making right now. We are so proud!
Here is our happy and strong little guy today!

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Nana said...

Hi Cookie!! You are such a big boy!!! Can't wait to see you!! Love, Nana