Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

...a bit early!

Unfortunately, Chris will be traveling with work for Thanksgiving this year so he will not be able to spend it with Colin and I (big, big pouty lips). This also means that we won't be able to celebrate Thanksgiving right around the day with Chris' family, so we celebrated it yesterday!
Here are a few pics of the day (was busy with other things so I didn't get that many!)

Here is Colin feeding himself the bottle for lunch shortly after arriving...

Uncle Brian gets his turn with Colin,
...and Aunt Beth

...and then Aunt Maureen...

...this was calm Colin when eating (had a bit of a rough patch halfway through dinner)He also spent time with Gammy, Grandpa and Uncle Jason! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kristin said...

Man, I seriously gotta get Max holding his bottle! So jealous ;)