Monday, November 30, 2015

The Holidays Have Begun

This weekend was a rare few days of family time where we had more time together at home than expected. It was coming off of a nice Thanksgiving together with family and then was the beginning of Christmas time preparations. Each year has been better than the last because of how excited the kids have been and only being a few days into this holiday season I can tell this one is going to far exceed the rest. 
This has been the second year that we attended a breakfast with Santa at Colin's Karate school. All three kids were so excited when Santa walked into the door, but Colin seemed to be in such awe and even ran over to give him a hug, just like he did last year. 

 However, despite the fact that Cody was thrilled to see Santa when he walked in the door, he had absolutely no interest in sitting on his lap.  


I'm looking forward to the month ahead and sharing in all of the excitement with the kids this season. The holidays are coming!

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