Sunday, November 1, 2015

31 for 21 Day 31: Halloween

One of the biggest challenges we face with Colin is his difficulty in handling things that are not what he is expecting or part of a normal routine. We talk a lot about upcoming events within a time frame that makes sense to him to prepare him for whatever activity or event is coming up. For the most part, he can handle an activity not part of a regular routine that is with friends or family as long as there isn't anything that is particularly frightening or uncomfortable for him (pets, loud/unexpected noises, etc.). However, if it becomes loud, hot, and/or overstimulating, then he has a really hard time. For example, we were at a Halloween party at his Karate school on Friday and he had a really hard time because there were a lot of people in a somewhat small space, it was hot, and loud. 
While he loves dressing up for Halloween, trick or treating is not necessarily something he enjoys doing. There are so many variables that make it very challenging for him. 

We had a bit of a rough start trick or treating and it took us quite a bit to go two blocks up, but by the end, Colin could follow Kailey's lead and go up to a few houses (that was after skipping a bunch).

Overall, it was a little challenging but an enjoyable day nonetheless.

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