Monday, November 2, 2015

Eye Doctor Checkup

We've been seeing an eye doctor for Colin since he was only a few weeks old to monitor the health of his eye. It is common for children with Down Syndrome to have an assortment of health issues related to the eye and their vision, so it is something we have been following yearly at the most. We have always noticed that Colin's eyes are not always on the same "track" (sometimes one eye appears to be looking in a slightly different direction than the other). Colin's private occupational therapist referred us to a different doctor than the one we were seeing to check on the progress of the development of the eye (looking at eye muscles, tracking, focusing, etc.). We saw the doctor at the very end of the summer and he gave us as prescription for the glasses. Much like many other areas of his body, Colin's muscles in his eyes are weaker than others. 

It has been a struggle getting Colin to keep the glasses on consistently, especially at school. The doctor found at his follow up visit today that he is making progress (the eyes look better than at the initial visit) so we just need to keep trucking along. I suppose the times he is wearing them is better than not at all but it is very frustrating knowing that it is something that is needed for him and will help further develop the muscles in his eye. This guy always likes to make things challenging!

Any suggestions on keeping the glasses on are welcome!

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Barton Levesque said...

I enjoyed reading this blog, the kids look so cute and I'm glad colin's eyes are improving. The only thing I can suggest is to make it more fun for colin to wear his glasses, maybe make a reward chart and give him stickers for the time he keeps them on. Maybe he would like some more colourful glasses. Good luck with everything!

Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Vision Center