Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tiny Dancer

One day recently, Chris and I looked at each other and discussed how we couldn't believe we were already in a place where we were running around to and from each of the kids' activities.  When we first started looking for things to sign Colin up for, they were always things that we thought would help him both physically and socially and also because we knew they were activities he would enjoy.  As Kailey started to get older, we thought it was important for her to have her own activities.  She was always participating in the same things Colin did, like the SONJ Young Athlete program, but we thought she should also have something that was just hers.
Although I don't really consider myself a dance mom, it was something I had participated in as a little girl and knew it would be something she enjoyed. We enrolled her in a dance school in late summer and she started her first class in September.  From her first day, she marched right into that classroom and never looked back. 
Throughout this entire year, she hardly ever complained about going, and even on days she did, it was mostly because she was tired or cranky.  Even when those days did happen, once she got there she was completely into it. 
Today was her first ever dance recital and she was so excited to go up on stage and dance in front of everyone. I thought she might be a little shy or nervous, but she was so happy up on stage with huge smiles on her face and she shimmied her little heart out. 

Colin really enjoyed watching her dance and cheering for her and enjoyed the show as a whole as he danced through most of it from his seat.. I love how supportive they both are for each other, even doing something they each want to participate in as well. They just seem to get it when it's the other one's turn and really are happy to cheer and clap for each other during their activities.

I can honestly say that I am just as emotional for one as I am for the other during activities they participate in. I was so proud of Kailey up on that stage and even more proud of how happy and confident she was.

It really was such a great experience!




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