Monday, June 22, 2015

Cody is 9 Months

Watching Cody today move all over the yard to try and do what the big kids were doing, I couldn't believe how quickly he changed and is not a little baby anymore! We have seen so many changes from 7 months until now and those changes continue to exponentially take place. 

He is turning out to be our most rambunctious one at this age, getting into EVERYTHING, especially now that he is mobile.  He only started crawling a few weeks ago; he literally just started one day. What was interesting to me is that he didn't have any other kind of in between crawl (ex: army crawl) like the other two had. 

Now that he's on the move, he's already pulling up to stand along everything and is even trying to stand up without holding onto anything. We have got to lower the mattress in his crib because he's standing up in there, especially when he's not happy.

He's pretty much done with baby food at this point. He can spot food from a distance and has tried anything visible to him. If he's in close range, you need to be careful of his grabby hands. So far, of all of the things he has tried, there hasn't been anything this kid doesn't like. He is a great eater and is now starting to be able to feed himself certain kinds of foods that are foods that can be picked up.

He loves playing peek-a-boo and when you ask him how big he is. He will sometimes try to initiate "hiding" by turning his face so that you ask him where he went and then gets this big smile on his face. When he is happy about something or someone makes him smile, he makes this funny  noise like he's sucking in air.  It almost sounds like he can't breathe, but it really just means he's super happy.

He's now had 2 ear infections since April that were not very obvious to us other than him being a little bit cranky. We think it's because he's teething and hopefully he will get a tooth through very soon!

We do consider him to be a very happy baby, however, he's been particularly difficult lately in that he's whining a lot of the time. We think it's because he's teething, but also because he wants to be doing what the other two are doing most of the time and I think he's just very frustrated because we either don't let him or he just can't. We thought this stage would die down a little once he became mobile, but now that he is, it's like it's not enough. Now we think he just needs to be walking so he can do more that he wants to do!

He's got very kissable cheeks is just our handsome little man.

We love him so much and can't wait to see all of the changes that are yet to come!

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