Thursday, June 11, 2015

Carrying The Flame of Hope

Last week, Chris and Colin had an amazing opportunity to participate in the Unified Relay Across America and play a role in passing the Flame of Hope as it makes its way to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. Colin, along with some of his other Young Athlete friends and families, participated in the torch run with Toys R Us, who is a Games Sponsor. 
It was such a special opportunity for them because the Flame of Hope symbolizes the Special Olympics goal of shining a light on the talents and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. The flame is lit by the sun's rays at the Sacred Site of the Pnyx near the Temple of Olympius in Athens, Greece and then traveled to the United States in special canisters via airline. It was such an amazing opportunity for them to be a part of the ceremony as the Flame of Hope continues on its journey to the World Games in July.
While there, they met many people through Toys R Us and the Unified Relay. They even got to see Geoffrey the Giraffe and Colin was so brave and interacted with him. If you remember from last year in preparing for the National Games, Colin was very scared of Geoffrey! 


They were part of a ceremony and got to spend time with some of their friends! 


After they were done with the ceremony at Toys R Us, Chris and Colin got in the car and raced down to the Princeton/Lawrenceville area where they met up with Colin's Aunt Beth and friend Jen. Aunt Beth signed up to become a part of the Unified Relay Across America in a leg through that area by raising the money she needed to. It was such an awesome thing she did and we are so proud that her and Jen supported the Special Olympics to carry the Flame of Hope. Chris and Colin even got to join them as they carried the torch on their journey.



What made their leg even more special was that unbeknownst to all of them, they actually passed the Flame off to Colin's Coach Megan from the Special Olympics!

It was such a special day!